“Biology Is Not Destiny” original limited edition red lino print art


Original lino print of a trans masculine person becoming tree. Limited edition of only 17. Printed in napthol red ink onto thick Fabriano art paper. All vegan materials. Signed, numbered and dated. Printed in my studio on a Rollaco Cachet etching press in 2019.

I am an assigned female at birth non-binary trans person. Support trans artists! 🙂

The title of this piece refers to the feminist maxim that originally meant that just because someone *can* have children, it is up to that person whether they want to, and to choose *when* they want to – people who can have children should not be at the mercy of their biology – birth control is vitial for feminist liberation. I’ve used the maxim to also mean that just because someone is assigned a gender at birth they don’t have to live in that gender.

As a happily child-free non-binary trans person I have had pressure to breed put on me my whole life and I’ve been made to feel broken, selfish or wrong for not choosing this path. We’re living in a time where the planet is on fire and the oceans are full of plastic and perhaps the most significant thing we in the privileged Western world can do is choose not to bring more consumers onto this planet.

There are references to the womb, to a crucifix, to Eve and the garden of Eden in the piece.

Print size approx 15 x 20cm; paper size 21 x 29.7cm (approx A4). Unmounted, carefully wrapped and posted flat, recorded delivery. Please give an address where this item can be signed for. Free postage in UK.

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