Large Hare print in support of hunting ban


Hare print in support of the hunting ban.

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Theresa May has announced that she will support a free vote to make abhorrent hunting with dogs legal again. I decided that I want to do something about this.

I have 32 of these large prints, of a hare with harebells, printed in 5 colour modern lithograph medium, the fifth colour being gold. (The original is a painting in acrylics). They are a strictly limited edition of 33. I have them from a project I was working on before but that I decided to put on hiatus.

I will sell them to you and give all profits (everything above cost of printing, packing and postage) to The League Against Cruel Sports.

The print will be supplied unmounted and rolled in a tube.

The print is approx 35 x 42cm and it’s printed on paper that’s 41 x 51cm.

This is the partner print to the fox print that’s also being sold in support of LACS. I thought I’d put them both up as people might like the pair. Unfortunately the barbaric practice of hare coursing is still legal in this country.

(I had these prints made for another project that I put on hiatus but I decided this is the best use of them)


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