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Bare bones logos

I’ve been freelancing full-time as a graphic designer for over ten years and in that time my biggest difficulty has been pricing logos.

Creating a logo takes a lot of thought, effort, skill and experience. Have a read of this blog post that describes the process involved in one particular logo I created. The paradox is this: that in order to create a potent, successful logo I must spend time to do this, and as I (and graphic designers in general) am paid by the hour, necessarily this will not be cheap; however the new business start-ups who need a strong coherent brand with which to make their mark on the world often don’t have much in the way of spare cash.

I’ve designed marketing communications for FTSE 100 corporations who have spent over £250,000 on their branding (not with me, unfortunately); I’ve seen insipid, unoriginal logos that have cost upwards of £10,000 to design. So I believe that my standard price of £500 to £1500 for a logo is incredible value.

But many people starting off on new ventures simply don’t have £500 lying around. Some try to design logos themselves and some buy off-the-shelf designs from bulk-selling websites. I’ve decided to offer a cheap logo design service for those who have some spare cash but not enough to take advantage of my full service.

Here’s the deal, then: for £299 I will design you a logo. I’m aware it’s still more than a lot of start-ups have but there’s a lot that can be done with that extra £200 – business cards, letterheads, webhosting and a premium wordpress theme could all be bought instead.

NB I am no longer VAT registered (though it says so in that illustration up there) so the price is just £299.

Some of my logo designs

So what does it entail?

  1. we meet either in person in Crediton or on Skype, with no obligation for you to commission me, and we discuss your organisation and what you’re looking for. (The meeting-face-to-face part is important – I design much better much faster this way. Don’t ask me why.)
  2. if you decide to commission me, I will send you an invoice for 50% of the money up-front, and also a questionnaire about your venture for you to fill in, which I will treat as a brief.
  3. once I have your deposit in my account I’ll start the logo. I’ll come up with at least five different designs and I’ll send them to you by email, with a commentary about why I’ve created each design.
  4. when you’re ready, you feedback to me about what you like and why, and what you don’t like and why (email is better for this because then I have things written down, but phone and skype are fine if you feel you communicate better that way). I then amend and adjust and resubmit logos. You get three sets of amends as part of the price.
  5. once you’re happy with the design, I’ll send you an invoice for the final half of the price. When this is paid I’ll send you your logo as an EPS file (one that can be used as big or as small as is needed, to be used by printers and other designers) and a high-res  RGB JPEG that you can use in Word docs, presentations and can be compressed for websites.

Should you not be entirely happy with your logo after three sets of amends (and this is very rare) I can continue to amend it at a cost of £50 an hour.

NB: I won’t be able to take on more than four logos at this price every month – first come, first served!

Interested? get in touch!

How does this bare-bones offer differ from my usual logo price?

For the standard logo price (£500-£1500, depending on level of branding required):

  1. we can meet outside of Crediton
  2. I spend a lot more time on research and concept development and I’ll come up with at least ten different initial designs instead of five
  3. rather than the three sets of amends for the price, you get as many amends as is necessary until you’re happy
  4. I’ll suggest two commonly & cheaply-available typefaces, and two colours, to go with your logo to be used as a base-brand (the more expensive logos can also feature stationery design, a premium typeface, suggested marketing communications templates, logos in various colourways and brand guidelines etc – basically we discuss your requirements and I price up from there), the logo supplied in black on white and white-out (a white version of your logo to go on top of a darker colour or photograph).

So there’s the difference between the two. Want to talk about it? Let’s meet for a cuppa!

Other design service costs

Business card design: £100

Letterhead and compliment slip design: £100

Business card, letterhead & comp slip design: £150

A year’s web hosting: from £55

A year’s web hosting plus set up of wordpress, installation of your chosen theme and inputting your text and images (does not include purchase of a premium theme or domain name): from £350

The above, plus hacking the cascading style sheet of a pre-existing theme to create an original site: from £600

Creation of a wordpress site from scratch (I work with a professional coder on this): from £1500

screen prints!

leopard slugs mating screen print857767_635673613205047_4679060264601736735_oSome of you may know I joined the Printhaus screen printing collective last October and that since then I’ve been honing my craft, experimenting with different techniques and generally getting covered with ink.

Well, it’s my very great pleasure to be able to offer these prints for sale to you, mostly as signed limited-edition hand-crafted pieces (there’s a couple of risograph prints in there too).

It’s the nature of screen-printing that every piece will be very slightly different – the inks aren’t always perfectly in alignment – there might be a wobbly edge here or a thick texture there – and the unexpected nature of the medium really appeals to me. Often, as with the Green Fuse and Slug Love prints, I have really no idea how the final prints will look – there’s only so much you can test in Photoshop – and that’s exciting.

I’m trying to create one new print a week; keep an eye on my facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter to be first in the queue for the next beauty.

Screen printing is enabling me to use my illustration style to create personal work and then push that work much further than I have done in the past, to a point where I have limited control over the final result, and I LOVE it. Can you tell?