Summer issue of CIO Connect magazine

Henry the cat presents the latest issue of CIO Connect magazine

Henry the cat presents the latest issue of CIO Connect magazine

Well hello my lovelies! Now that it’s summer *looks out of window* I mean, now that it’s MAY, the latest issue of CIO Connect magazine is dropping on to doormats and desks across the world. And I designed it! Here is a picture of the magazine, with a cat.

I guess some people might think that designing a magazine about IT would be boring. It’s quite the opposite. It’s about IT leaders and how they solve problems (solving problems being one of my favourite things to do) and the editor Mark Samuels lets me have a bit of a free rein with the design. We want to keep it fresh and interesting and have the personalities of the people interviewed jump out at you. Because I’ve been designing it for so long I feel I know their readership quite well, so I have a lot of fun creating illustrations and spreads for the magazine.

I guess my best advice for those thinking of publishing a magazine is to invest as heavily in images as in copy – good photography and illustration make the world of difference. They bring life to the page and really draw the eye in. You can go the other extreme and have a periodical with few photos at all – and still have wonderful design – but bad photography is really worse than none.

More spreads below for your viewing pleasure (click on anything to make it bigger), and the full issue of the magazine can be read online here!

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I don’t do cheap logos. Oh wait, yes I do (or rather, I will)

rt1So, I wrote this piece last month about why I charge lots of money for logos (in short, they involve a lot of time and effort). And then I thought to myself, I must be missing out on a lot of work. There’ll be lots of start-ups with very limited budgets who need a logo but can’t afford £1500 + VAT.

But they might stretch to a tenth of that price.

There’s probably a whole heap of people out there in this here Current Economic Climate, starting up on their own, who would love a logo by an experienced designer, and £150 is all they have to spend.

But I can’t afford to do that much work for £150!

And then, being that it was a Sunday night before a 6am start, my brain started to do the thing it loves best – it commenced pulling the thing apart to see how it works and see how to fix it, keeping me awake in the process. Who needs sleep anyway?

And then it struck me – The Big Idea. Which I’m not going to tell you any more about, until it’s ready. It’ll take a couple of months to develop, and then, at the end, you’ll be able to buy a custom logo for £150 + VAT.

More news when I have a better idea of a launch date! 😀